Steven Leigh Chadick Cinematography


Steven Leigh Chadick provides cinematography in Washington state, and around the globe. His unique, passionate filming style has earned him acclaim and continues to delight his growing list of clientele--from wedding highlights, to commercials and special occasions.

A tireless film fanatic and technology geek, Steven is driven to create touching, passionate and unique videos. He believes that the ability to convey the right emotion, simply and  powerfully is key to any project. Every video that is engaged is a new opportunity for him to surpass and redefine the art of cinematography as it pertains to the industry standards of wedding videography, and as an individual artist.

"With weddings, nothing brings more satisfaction to the work than watching the bride and groom's expressions as they watch the highlight video for the first time. They laugh or smile uncontrollable goofy smiles; they cry or tear up, and then I know I've done it, because I've touched them on a deeper level, and that makes all the traveling, long 14-16 hour days on my feet and constant technical challenges that arise during a wedding worth it. The troubles just seem to fade away and it leaves me feeling completely recharged.
So by the end of it, I'm like: 'That was awesome! LET'S DO THAT AGAIN!'" -Steven




  • Full day coverage filmed (10 hours included)!
  • Raw footage files available for download after project completion.
  • Highlight reel is edited to music to create a stylized, artistic music video that tells the day's story in approximately 3.5-4.5 minutes long, published to either YouTube or Vimeo to enable sharing across the web (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to your loved ones.



  •  Artistic portrayal of your proposal day and a classy way to send out invitations to the special day.

  • Consists of a video approximately 1-1.5 minutes long, edited to music and uploaded to the Internet for you to share.



Commercial pricing is done on bid and can vary in price depending on the content.  Good questions to ask yourself are:

  • How much graphics would be involved? Animation?
  • How long do you want the finished project to be?
  • What's the end use of the commercial?
  • Will you need help creating a script for the project?
  • How many locations will we need to shoot?

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